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CRT Retreat Gallery 2017

Just a few photos from this 2017 Retailers & Suppliers Retreat.  If anyone is interested in specific photos from the event please contact Steve Briars


2017 suppliers exhibition

Suppliers Exhibition

2017 Suppliers exhibition 2

Suppliers Exhibition

2017 hosts

Event Hosts, Steve & Mandy Briars 

2017 worship

Worship Leader, Ben Dunnett 

2017 speaker

 Guest Speaker, Bob Hartman

2017 suppliers exhibition 3

Suppliers Exhibition 

2017 suppliers exhibition 4

Suppliers Exhibition

2017 guest speaker

Guest speaker, Nick Page 

2017 relax in bar

 Relaxing in the Coffee Bar

2017 main session

 Main Session

Author signing

Author Signing, Catherine Campbell

2017 Awards 2

Awards Evening 

2017 Awards

Awards Evening 

2017 author signing

Author signing, Laura Treneer 

2017 suppliers exhibition 5

Suppliers Exhibition 

2017 suppliers exhibition 6

 Suppliers Exhibition

2017 meal

 Meal Time

2017 reception

First-timers Reception