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 Retailers & Suppliers Retreat 

Tuesday 11 & Wednesday 12 September

Seminar & Discussion Groups

     Seminar    Seminar 2

Tuesday 11 September
3.10 pm - 4.10 pm

Do you have a plan?

The value of business strategy

Colin Stephen, Business Consultant

Tuesday 11 September
3.10 pm  - 4.10 pm

General Data Protection Regulations

Do we fully understand and are compliant?

Phil Broad, Managing Director, Yeomans Marketing

Wednesday 12 September
11.45 am - 12.45 pm

Understanding Bible Versions & Translations

Mark Taylor, CEO Tyndale House Publishers

Wednesday 12 September
11.45 am - 12.45 pm

  How well do you know your local churches?

  Developing strong working & buying                        relationships

  Ian Matthews, Director of UK Book Publishing, David C Cook


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